To complete authorization of your account, simply click the activation link in the e-mail that is automatically sent to you upon completion of the account sign up found on the sign up page. This is sent directly to the address you used in registering this account. Please make sure there are no spam filters or settings that prevent this from reaching you!

Most businesses will need "Basic" plan fro a portfolio website. But if you want to go beyond, "Unlimited" offers you more advanced features for a an extra fee, You can upgrade anytime. Also keep in mind that if you already have a coworking plan that comes with FREE hosting, you can use same code on "Unlimited" plan just pay difference. So you won;'t be paying full price.

It's not currently possible to move website pages from another host to website builder. This is because the builder needs to create each new page your site uses and these must contain the Required HTML Elements the builder needs to interpret and display the page information. You can move website files over by downloading them from your other host then uploading them to your website builder account, and copy/paste any text you want to move to your website builder site to achieve a similar result.

Yes and No. If you mean drag-and-drop where you will play around with actual design items, it is not. Our design templates are standard and you won't be able to move around items. But you will be able to personalize them with your colours, text and photos. Our drag-and-drop functionality is used when you organize forms and menus where we offer such an interface for those.

No. We offer you templates where you can choose and just fill in with your text, photos, images, logo, etc... You will be also able to choose your colours. This platform built to make it so easy to build a website in some minutes.

Our website builder is intuitive to use and designed for an easy, stress-free experience. If you’re looking for a specific web service, we can definitely move your account to a full hosting versions when you are ready – there you can have advanced hosting options and software possibilities to add to your website.

Correct. If you have a qualifying plan, you get the "Basic" plan for free. Just add "Website Builder Basic" on West Quay Offices portal and we will send you instructions.

A custom website domain name is an easy – and instant – way to look more professional online. It adds credibility to your brand and helps visitors find you online. When you create a site with us with website builder, your site will automatically come with a 3rd level domain. If you’d like a custom domain name, We can help you get one. You can then start building your brand by using your domain in a custom email address (, your social media channels, email marketing campaigns and more.

Yes. It includes hosting,

Your website comes with a mobile optimized responsive version, designed to look great on smaller screens.

Absolutely. You do not need to know any single code skills to build your website, With our editor, you can drag, drop and customise any feature you want, which makes it easy to match everything to the look and feel of your site.

Yes. You will literally build your website by just filling up forms and uploading images.